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Little Indonesia Café

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Most Saturdays from 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM - Subscribe for email updates below and follow us on social media!

Little Indonesia Cultural Center, 156 High Street, Somersworth, NH 

About the Event:

Indonesian Community Connect, Inc. (ICC) will host The Little Indonesia Café every  Saturday from 12 pm-4 pm. This weekly event boasts a rotating menu of various Indonesian culinary items, showcasing the rich culture and diversity of Indonesia. The team always tries to also create a marketplace platform to support local businesses and job fair opportunities to meet the workforce demand statewide. 

The cafe will be held at the new ICC Cultural Center, located at 156 High Street in Somersworth, NH. 

The Little Indonesia Café serves as an opportunity for local Indonesian food vendors to showcase a range of menu items that highlight the different cuisines from various Indonesian islands. Previous cafés have featured delicious items like Sate, Bakmi Goreng, Gulai Kikil, and Kue sus, among countless others. This weekly event is a great opportunity to experience the richness of the Indonesian cultural heritage and taste authentic Indonesian food while supporting local vendors and the mission of the nonprofit. 

Not only does the café promote local Indonesian vendors, but this cafe will also act as a cultural bazaar, featuring Indonesian food, arts and crafts, LIVE music, fashion, and more!

There will also be a job fair and promotional platform for local businesses, organizations, and business partners of ICC Inc., giving them a space to advertise career opportunities, professional development opportunities, and their goods and services to the local community. 

This Cafe also serves as a key fundraising source for the ICC’s Little Indonesia revitalization project, the long-term vision of the ICC. The first of its kind in the world, Little Indonesia will be a cultural and economic hub in Somersworth that connects the Indonesian community with New Hampshire and beyond.  

(Note to Vendors - ICC Inc will provide 1 table and 1 chair use. However, numbers are limited so vendors are encouraged to bring their own table and chair for the event if you have a bigger party with you.)

If you would like to volunteer for this event, please click the SIGN-UP GENIUS link to sign up for this event.

We hope to see you here!
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Little Indonesia Café 
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