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Thank you, Alicia Kosasih!

It was our pleasure to thank Ms. Alicia Kosasih for her incredible commitment and contribution to ICC. She started volunteering for us at the Somersworth Indonesian Fair in 2016. There she displayed talent in graphic design and the necessary software skills to produce her beautiful and inspiring creations. She is by far the largest contributor in for the Somersworth Indonesian Fair. It is because of her tireless vision and graphic innovation, that ICC is now considered a credible and knowable, legitimate organization. We can’t thank Alicia enough for her time and talent to ICC.

Somersworth Indonesian Fair is an annual street fair held in Somersworth,NH. It features a variety of vendors serving Indonesian food, language exchanges, and many live performances related to Indonesian culture. Somersworth and its surrounding areas host the largest Indonesian population in Northern New England and this event is an opportunity for the local residents to learn more about Indonesia and build stronger connections with each other in a fun and festive setting. In the past, we tried to hold this event as close as possible to the Indonesian Independence Day, which is commemorated and celebrated on August 17th. However, due to some circumstances, this year’s event has been moved to early September.

Pictured above: Dana Hilliard, Mayor of Somersworth and Mr. Kretchmar, Chief Police of Somersworth, NH holding event proposal with Alicia's designs on cover page and as leaders continue to promote Somersworth Indonesian Fair 2016.

We look forward to a collaborative successful working relationship in the future. Thank you Alicia!

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