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ICC Once Again, Thanked its Biggest Contributor in Market Graphic Designs

Our warmest gratitude to our beloved artist in Market Graphic Designs. Alicia has once again, surprises us with her great unique creations of designs for 2 years in a row. Her creativity in designing all of ICC’s Marketing Materials is beyond comprehension. From her work of arts in designing Indonesia’s 7 islands, to T-shirts, signages for event venues, to printed banners, proposals, countdowns, to little souvenirs such as bookmarks, Indonesian map packages, social media flyers and posters that currently sustains revenue, we are thankful for her commitments in making the festival a memorable one!

ICC presents to Alicia Kosasih, a Framed Thank You Certificate with a plaque that showcase her ability in making SIF (Somersworth Indonesian Fair) a successful one.We can't wait to showcase our culture again next year with even bigger and bolder celebrations.

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