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Indonesian Flag raised in front of Somersworth City Hall

Indonesian Flag was raised in Citizens Park, outside of Somersworth City Hall, NH. Happy 72 years Indonesia! Dirgahayu!

Mayor of Somersworth, Dana Hilliard : "Diversity and celebrating our immigrants is the foundations which makes this nation strong. We need to continue to honor our differences, not deported those seeking the American dream. Thanks to all members of our Indonesian community for building upon Somersworth's "Proud Past" and working towards a 'Bright Future' for all."

The love that we received from the Hiltop City, Somersworth, reminds us what a great community we have here, a place that we call "home". Thank You Mr. Mayor for recognizing our community, celebrating our Independence day and our culture. Together, we will continue to work in unity, to make this place a better home. God bless Somersworth.

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