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Somersworth Indonesian Fair 2017

Somersworth Indonesian Fair (formerly known as Jakarta Fair) is an annual street fair held in Somersworth, NH. This year, Indonesian Community Connect (ICC-Inc.) are hosting the 5th annual of Somersworth Indonesian Fair. From our numerous count sources, this year we have reached to more than 1500 people showed up at this event from 11-pm in and out. In a new location, we saw everyone enjoyed the festival and vendors were all SOLD OUT!! The fact that everyone couldn't wait for the next one, we truly had a GREAT DAY!!! We are grateful although the whole week said it was going to rain, and some may have changed their mind to come down, but, amazingly it was one sunny day that made everyone's day alright! It features a variety of vendors serving Indonesian food, language exchange, and many live music and traditional Dance performances and related to Indonesian culture. Somersworth and its surrounding areas host the largest Indonesian population in Northern New England and this event is an opportunity for everyone to learn more about Indonesia and build stronger connections with each other in a fun and festive setting.

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