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Somersworth Mayor honors Indonesian National Education Day

Happy Indonesian National Education Day, May 2018

Somersworth Middle School Principal and Mayor of Somersworth, NH USA continues to honor the strength of Education, Diversity.

"Happy National Education Day Indonesia! Selamat Hari Pendidikan National Indonesia!" - Mayor Hilliard.

Mayor of Somersworth and Somersworth Middle School Principal, Mr. Dana Hilliard posed in Batik, with SMS Educator Profesional and President of Indonesian Community Connect, Ms. Raude Raychel along with SMS Student, Aaron Djohan, who is actively involved in the school's sports and after school programs.

Walikota Somersworth, USA mengucapkan selamat Hari Pendidikan Nasional Indonesia, 2 Mei 2018.

#IndoPride #Hiltopper #HiltopPride #SomersworthCity

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