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ICC Thanks Sofia Widya Kezia for Sharing Her Musical Talent on Our Events!

Indonesian Community Connect would like to recognize the talented musician, Sofia Widya Kezia for all her stunning performances and made our events an even larger success. The following highlights are her contributions on recent events hosted by ICC.


Sofia Widya Kezia took part in entertaining SIF 2016 goers with The Corner, a band established in Boston in 2015 with her fellow musician friends from Berklee College of Music, including Jessica Nathania (vocal), Carol Kuswanto (violin/vocal), Alyssia Soetedjo (keys/vocal), Yoga Bagaspati (guitar), Jason Mountario (bass) & Kelvin Andreas (drums). In this special occasion, she was the band’s keys player & one of the singers.

This was Sofia’s first SIF 2016 experience. Among Sofia’s pop music performance at SIF 2016 with the band, were the songs: “Ain’t it Fun” (Paramore), “Distance” (Emily King), as well as old-school Indonesian pop songs “Serasa” (Chrisye) and “Sedari Dulu” (Tompi).


Sofia Widya Kezia was back for another work-collaboration for the 2017 SIF. This time she was back with a new Boston-based band called 24 Denby’s. Being the main vocalist & keyboardist in the band, she was playing along Daniel Pattianakotta on bass, Yoga Bagaspati on guitar, Raissa Anasthasia on keyboard, Evan Kuswanto on saxophone & Hizkia Simaremare on drums.

At this year’s event, not only did Sofia and the band performed an array of pop songs both in English & Bahasa, she also performed a couple of her originals including “No Intention”, “Don’t”, and “Sirna” that are available on all online streaming platform including Spotify. SIF 2017 goers were entertained with easy-to-dance-to song such as “Love Never Felt so Good” (Michael Jackson) and “So Sick” (Ne-Yo).


This was the first Indonesian Spring Bazaar Sofia had the honor of being a part of. She was back with 24 Denby’s in an acoustic setup. She was accompanied by Evan Kuswanto on saxophone, Darren Leon on guitar & Hizkia Simaremare on cajon/percussion.

This time, to compliment the event, Sofia and the band performed a lot of covers of Indonesian pop songs including “Sewindu” (Tulus), “Dekat di Hati” (RAN), and a medley of “Merindukanmu” (D’Masiv), Terima Kasih Cinta” (Afgan), and Akhir Cerita Cinta (Glen Fredly). Not only that, she also had the chance to share three of her original songs “Don’t”, “No Intention” and “Sirna” with the amazing audience that day.


Through ICC, Sofia Widya Kezia & 24 Denby’s were back to represent Indonesian culture through music at Somersworth International Children’s Festival 2018. Along with Darren Leon on guitar, Daniel Pattianakotta on bass and Hizkia Simaremare on drums, Sofia did a 2-set performances with a total of 10 songs. As the singer & keys player of the band, she had a wonderful time performing, as well as interacting with passerby in front of the stage.

Among her set list were classic Indonesian pop songs “Seberapa Pantas” and “Sebuah Kisah Klasik” (Sheila on 7), international top-40 song “Treasure” (Bruno Mars), as well as a couple of her original songs.

Thank you, Sofia, for sharing your music with all of us. We look forward to collaborate more with you in the near future!

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