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Graduation Event from GoodWork Non-Profit Incubator Program

June 1st, 2023

Thank you to GoodWork Seacoast for accepting ICC as a participant for the Non-profit Incubator program.

ICC is grateful to be able to get executive guidance that can build relationships with the sector that will be a pillar to support this organization, so that it can always function sustainably both operationally, financially and also expertise with the rules of both in the state of NH and in the United States as a whole during these 2 years from 2021-2023.

To live out our long-term vision and mission, ICC believes that having a strong foundation in organizing in America professionally is one of the reasons why ICC took this opportunity to continue learning through the training provided by GoodWork and mentors and advisors who are experts in the sector.

It also builds ICC to remain strong in carrying out the vision and mission set and achieving growth that has a tremendous impact every year on the country, community, government and private sector both in America and in Indonesia, both visible and invisible.

Thank you GoodWork!

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