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Little Indonesia in New Hampshire

July 1st, 2021

Imagine if there is a "small Indonesia" in a country like in the US. Where there is a business complex that will be a place that accommodates all about Indonesia. In that place there will be various things about Indonesia. People who miss Indonesia can come to the Little Indonesia complex and can enjoy the beauty of Indonesia.

Yes! This is a dream that has been slowly realized by the Indonesian Community Connect Incorporated.

Raude Rachel, President and Founder of, the Indonesian Community Connect Incorporated, said ICC's vision is to be a bridge between Indonesian culture and US society. One of the missions is to open access and encourage mutual understanding between cultures and promote the richness and diversity of Indonesian culture.

One aspect of Little Indonesia is the expression of art, culture, economic opportunities through business districts and tourism elements to promote commerce, tourism, investment and service activities between two communities, the New England region, and the two countries.


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